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Creating our 2021 Christmas Collection with Ashwin Chacko 

Our favourite time of year is upon us, and this Christmas we are delighted to be working with Ashwin Chacko, a Dublin based illustrator. Ashwin's images told us a familiar story of Christmas that immediately filled us with absolute JOY, and we knew they would bring the same to you.

We often talk about bringing back the joy or chocolate, and that’s certainly what Ashwin’s work does. For Ashwin growing up chocolate was reserved for celebrations and the odd night time dessert. And while that’s not so much the case for any of us anymore, we want the gifting of chocolate to be special again.

We call it the Art of Gifting, that the thought behind the gift is what makes it special, and that’s what turns a bar of chocolate into the perfect present. It’s why we spend so much time finding the perfect illustrator to work on our Seasonal artwork because Christmas epitomises of the Art of Gifting.


And that’s one of the reasons we wanted to work with Ashwin. He like ourselves loves this time of year, when you get to see the joy on their face when you surprise them with exactly what they were looking for.

Like many of us, we try to recreate our own childhood Christmas’ while trying to forge new traditions with our own families and friends and that’s what Ashwin has done with our Christmas 2021 collection. He’s described these illustrations as a series of interlocking memories both from my past and now present as a father creating new traditions and memories. 

Ashwin’s use of colour brought us hurtling back to our memories of Christmas’s past (the 70s & 80s for us!) when we would travel to Ireland with our parents and siblings to celebrate with our grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles. And just like us, as a child Ashwin’s memories of Christmas also begin with a journey, when he and his family would all travel across the country from the top of India down to the south on a train to be at my grandparents’ home. To us that journey is probably what makes Christmas such a strong memory.


Ashwin’s inspiration for his illustrations is very clearly drawn from his own family and experiences at Christmas. He describes how his wife ensures Christmas starts early, don’t be surprised if you see our tree up mid November with the jingling of carols ringing in our home. Christmas eve the kids get their Christmas jammies as they wait in wild anticipation for Christmas day. 

We drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire as we share the story of Jesus to our kids. On Christmas day it’s an early start with wild whooping and excitement. We all go down to the living room together where we take turns to open each present... In the afternoon it is over to the in-laws where more presents and feast await us.

Ashwin promises images of cosy nights in, Christmas dinner madness, the mad dash of last-minute shopping, dancing to those classic Christmas songs and the sheer excitement of opening those special gifts!


To see more of Ashwin's amazing work and learn more about him, you can head to his website.

Stay tuned for our Christmas Collection arriving into our online shop soon!