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Our 2nd Gift Guider this Christmas is our friend Cheryl from Ballyshanes Studio (Take a look at their most fabulous chopping boards, they’re definitely on our list)

First up on Cheryl’s Christmas list this year is a Simple Things throw. Simple Things make the most beautiful products from Baby Alpaca Wool. “I use their throws as extra large scarfs as they are so cosy. This herringbone camel throw is on my wish list this Christmas.” 

 For those that love to cook, Cheryl’s next pick is perfect: Dishoom: From Bombay With Love Cookbook . “I adore Indian food and Dishoom is one of my favourite restaurants in London. This is a great cookbook for anyone who loves Indian food.

 And finally, anything from John Ryan Ceramics. From Sligo, John’s ethos is to make simple, functional and beautiful ceramic pieces. In particular Cheryl is wishing for one of His large straight jugs ..make for beautiful vases”

 And the Bean and Goose product Cheryl would most like to receive this year is our Merry Mornings Bundle“I can't wait to get my hands on the Frosty Walks Sharing Slab - Delicious! This bundle also comes with all my favourite bars”