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The 3rd in our Gift Guide Series is a 2 in 1, from our friends Meadhbh & Tom. Meadhbh is a freelance journalist and Tom is an illustrator & designer who was part of our illustrator series, designing our Goose above.

Tom: First on my list is something that I already have, but that I would recommend to everyone! I’ve been working from home for the last year and half, so I wear slippers pretty much every day and these ones from Lee Valley Ireland are the best I’ve ever had! The sheep are really cute but also make a bit of an abstract pattern, and they are really warm which is a must for this time of year.

Meadhbh: One of the few things that makes me excited about January is starting a new diary, and the ones from Astier de Villatte are the most gorgeous ones I’ve used. They come in loads of different colours, all with a lovely geometric pattern, gilded edges and a double-page spread for each week.

T: Something small that I’m going to be getting for people this year (hope my mum doesn’t read this!) is this Recipe Memo pad from Hato in London — I love cooking, it helps me relax and break up the day, and I love the idea of being able to easily share recipes with others.


M: When your living room doubles as your home office, it can be tricky to switch off in the evenings, but I find a scented candle goes a long way towards helping me relax after work. I love Cloon Keen’s candles; they have a silver glass holder that feels very decadent and gives a fabulous glow even when the wax runs out and you only have a tealight burning.

T: I’m really into this brand Heresy at the moment. They are inspired by old British folklore but interpret it in a very modern way, and they are really focused on the details when it comes to materials and manufacturing. I love this “Feral Hood” hoodie with its standing stones graphic, the cosy fleece is really calling to me at the moment!

M: There’s nothing better than a nice jumper to keep you cosy in winter, and I particularly like a statement style such as Hope Macaulay’s playful knitwear, made in Northern Ireland. Vibrant colours, an asymmetric design and great big balloon sleeves for snuggling up in — bliss!

T: If money was no object, I’d be after an original painting by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. The colour palettes and shapes he uses are always refreshing, I could look at his work for hours. I absolutely love his recent paintings of cars, and as I’m not particularly interested in owning an actual car, maybe I could have this one instead?

T: It’s really hard to pick just one Bean and Goose product, but I think it would have to be the Hot Chocolate Pieces. I remember the first time I had your hot chocolate, at one of your early pop-ups, and it was a game-changer! There’s a lot of good hot chocolates these days but for me, you guys did it first and best, and to be able to make it at home is magical.

M: Bean and Goose’s milk chocolate is absolutely impossible to resist, and the addition of toasted hazelnuts makes it even better. The mix of sweet honey and warming spices is quite unusual, and deliciously moreish — I’m hoping to get more than one bar...