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Creating this year’s artwork with Alana Keenan

Just one look at  the Bean & Goose Christmas Collection is bound to give you that warm fuzzy feeling associated with this time of year.

The collection features a rich Christmas landscape featuring a cast of characters and quintessential Christmas moments which have been beautifully designed by illustrator Alana Keenan. Alana is a half Irish half German illustrator based in Stuttgart in Germany. Her illustration style is playful and fun, combining pastel colours to create nostalgic moments.  

Bean and Goose Christmas Chocolate Gifting Illustrations Alana Keenan

"When I started working on the Bean and Goose Christmas campaign it was mid-August and 25 degrees outside, as you can appreciate it was a little bit difficult to get into at first!"

Bean and Goose Christmas Chocolate Gifting

However, Alana already had ideas in her head for the eight different scenes that made up the brief. Alana worked with a moodboard and added images to that and then started sketching her ideas and began developing the Bean and Goose images from there. 

Seasons Eatings Christmas Chocolate Artwork from Bean and Goose Gifts

The scene Alana most enjoyed illustrating was the one with the girl hanging the fairy lights, "because it is so relatable, the frustration that comes with that experience, when you cant find the beginning or the end of the string of lights. We’ve all been there!"

Christmas Illustrations by Bean and Goose Design Chocolate Gifts

Alana also loves adding animals to her illustrations and was happy to add a dog helping out in the fairy lights scene. When it comes to those Christmas moments "my favourites are the evening times" says Alana,  "sitting in front of the telly, cup of tea in one hand and chocolate in the other, the perfect way to enjoy your Christmas evening and chocolate gifts."

Bean and Goose Christmas Chocolate Gifting Illustrations Alana Keenan


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