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The Art of Gifting, Chocolate

With Natalie and Karen

What makes chocolate such a thoughtful gift? In this article we speak to founders Natalie and Karen on what seasonal gifting means to Bean and Goose.

What does gifting mean to you?

Well for us, definitely we'd say that gifting is really about thoughtfulness. To know that someone took a moment out of their busy lives to reflect and consider what would create a moment of delight for you.The perfect gift deepens connections and reflects your relationship. With our chocolate, we try to consider that act of thoughtfulness at each stage of the journey so that a Bean and Goose gift is always special, unique and memorable.

To begin with we source the best quality chocolate, then we pair it with the finest ingredients that celebrate the seasons. We then work with a wonderful array of creators right through from our photography to our packaging and messaging to make sure that we present them using beautifully created gift boxes and wrapping. The gifting experience most definitely begins with the unwrapping. It’s a very pared back style, very tactile, very beautiful and a responsibly considered experience.

Though-out the journey of Bean and Goose, we've also worked with great Irish designers and illustrators for our packaging, gift cards and inserts. It’s a celebration of the Irish creative scene and feels wonderfully harmonisng with that special gifting moment.

Our Winter collections this year are illustrated by Alana Keenan. They are a series of illustrations that capture those special Christmas moments and they’re really beautiful.  

Bean and Goose Chocolate Illustrations Christmas

So you've received a wonderfully thoughtful gift of chocolate (hopefully Bean and Goose!), what do you consider to be the best way to enjoy in the Winter?

We love winter, it’s full of special moments, catching up with friends and of course Christmas. Chocolate is part of making those moments memorable. It is such a comforting indulgence, great for enjoying in front of the fire on those long winter evenings with friends or if you’re just chilling on your own catching up on your favourite Christmas movie. It’s also a great accompaniment to your bottle of wine at the weekend because you’ve worked hard all week. Or if you’ve been out for a gorgeous Winter walk and you’re back home, sitting down with a cup of tea, that’s a great time to enjoy it. We love chocolate to be part of those moments.

This season we've really considered all of those moments when creating our gift collections to make sure that they are perfect for enjoying as a group, as a couple of friends together or just on your own. For example, our Comfort Collection, makes a really perfect gesture for a friend, a neighbour or a partner - it contains two of our most popular bars, one milk and one dark chocolate. Just enough to share. One is topped with almonds roasted in Irish sea salt and the other is topped with hazelnuts roasted in Wexford honey and a little warming spice, flavours that really go well together and are perfect for those dark winter nights. 

Original Melted Hand Tempered Chocolate Bar Making

Can you tell us about the new winter season at Bean and Goose?

We’re really busy in our kitchen preparing for chocolate gifting season, chocolate is especially popular from October right through Thanksgiving and then Christmas of course. They really are the  perfect opportunity’s for people to gift chocolate. We celebrate this time of year, Autumn and Winter, with the flavours that we choose to use on our chocolate gifting products and the names that we decide to give to them.

We have two winter sharing slabs, Winter Nights & Frosty Walks. Our sharing slabs are 500g of single origin milk or dark chocolate topped with seasonal fruit, nuts, spices and herbs. At this time of year we roast our nuts in a seasonal autumnal spice that is uniquely Bean and Goose, we add winter fruits like cranberries and orange peel so the aroma and the flavour are really evocative of this time of the year.  

Orange Segments Chocolate Sharing Slab

Our Winter Nights and Frosty Walks sharing slabs are incredible for gifting, they arrive in a craft gift box and are perfect for any special occasion. This year you can add an oak hammer to crack, break and share the slab. There is nothing quite like sitting down together at the end of a meal with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee sharing one of our winter slabs, it is a really lovely experience.

Actually, our slab is really the experience of sharing.

And with that, what's the best gift you’ve received?

Experiences - where the gift is really about spending some quality time with somebody, or with a group of friends. Those moments are the ones you remember.

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Originally posted 18.10.19