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Cloud Picker Arsosala Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar


Cloud Picker Arsosala Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar

Using Cloud Picker's Arsosala Coffee Beans which are a mix of Bourban and Typica and our dark chocolate we have created an infused bar with tasting notes that are floral, herby and sweet.
Dark Chocolate Single Origin Ecuador 62% 


Cloud Picker - Dublin City’s first micro coffee roastery, seeking out the most exciting seasonal coffees on planet earth since 2013. We are huge fans of Cloud Picker and their meticulous attention to detail and are delighted to work with them.

We didn't want to go for the obvious coffee and chocolate pairing for this bar. As soon as we tasted their Arsosala coffee we were instantly attracted to its flavour. It was floral, delicate and sweet and we thought it would pair wonderfully with our dark chocolate.

We infused the coffee beans in our dark chocolate in melting tanks for 2-3 days until the floral notes of the coffee were just releasing their flavour into the chocolate. It was then time for our chocolatiers to make chocolate bars. 

The end result is a beautiful, delicate bar with perfectly balanced flavour.

 70g Solid Bar ( 150mm * 75mm * 7mm)

Dark Vegan, Single Bean, No Lecithin

Cocoa from around the world. Creations from Ireland.

Vegan Friendly 

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cacao kernel from organic cacao beans * (origin: Ecuador), sugar, cacao butter, cacao minimum 62%), Cloud Picker Coffee

Allergen advice: see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of nuts, milk, wheat, eggs.