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Dried Apples, Elderflower & Cardamom Dark Chocolate Bar


Dried Apples, Elderflower & Cardamom Dark Chocolate Bar

Ecuador 62% 

Dark Vegan, Single Bean, No Lecithin

70g Solid Bar ( 150mm * 75mm * 7mm)

Available exclusively for those customers that are part of our tasting club community


   From our workshop in Wexford, Ireland each bar is made using sustainably sourced single origin Ecuadorian chocolate and inspired by the flavours, landscape, designers and makers of Ireland.


Elderflowers bursting into bloom signify the beginning of summer in the Wexford countryside. Their fragrant flowers picked on a warm summer morning are a joy to use to make elderflower syrup.

We have soaked dried apple pieces in our elderflower syrup to bring out the sweetness in the apples. Paired with the musky perfume of cardamom infused in our dark chocolate this is an exotic floral tribute to the summer months.

 Cocoa from around the world. Creations from Ireland.

Vegan Friendly 

 Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cacao kernel from organic cacao beans * (origin: Ecuador), sugar, cacao butter, cacao minimum 62%), dried apples, elderflower syrup, cardamom spice drops.

Allergen advice: see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of nuts, milk, wheat, eggs.