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Hero Collection


Hero Collection

2 * 70g Solid Bars (280g) ( each 150mm * 75mm * 7mm)

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From our workshop in Wexford, Ireland each bar is made using sustainably sourced single origin Ecuadorian chocolate and inspired by the flavours, landscape, designers and makers of Ireland.

Each collection ordered online will arrive in our Eco-friendly gift packaging

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This gift pack contains 

Soda Bread Crumb and Milk Bar Limited Edition

We use a traditional Irish soda bread made with buttermilk to give a distinctive tang to this bar. We crumb and slowly toast the bread with a little sugar to create a crunch through this beautiful Ecuadorian milk chocolate
Milk Chocolate Single Origin Ecuador 40%

This bar is a revelation - salty, savoury and sweet notes in each bite of dark chocolate

We bring Achill Island Sea Salt, Organic Connemara Seaweed and Dark Ecuadorian Chocolate together for this match made in heaven. Achill Island Sea Salt and The Connemara Seaweed Company are both based on small islands off the west coast of Ireland in the wild Atlantic Ocean.

Dark Chocolate Single Origin Ecuador 62%


 Cocoa From around the world. Creations from Ireland