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Comfy Evening Bundle

Comfy Evening Bundle


Creating moments of joy

Comfy Evening Bundle 

Sharing Slab - Evening Calm or Morning Breeze
(1 * 500g Dark Slab or 1 * 500g Milk Slab)

Hammer of Joy - Handcrafted Oak
(1 * Hammer)

Hot Chocolate Making Pieces
(1 * 120g Pouch & Recipe Card)

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From our workshop in Wexford, Ireland our products are made using sustainably sourced single origin Ecuadorian chocolate and inspired by the flavours, landscape, designers and makers of Ireland.

Each Comfy Evening Bundle ordered online will arrive in our Eco-friendly, craft brown gift box.
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This year, we asked Stasele Jakunskaite to create a series of illustrations inspired by Irish landscapes for our spring collection. 


      Select one large flavourful slab for breaking, cracking and sharing. Choose from our Dark Evening Calm or our Milk Morning Breeze sharing slab of single origin chocolate topped with seasonal flavours and the finest quality ingredients. 

      A hammer of joy for cracking your seasonal sharing slabs.  A handmade oak hammer to add joy to the eating of our sharing slabs. Handcrafted in oak in Wexford and presented in a fair trade cotton gift bag.

      Hot Chocolate Making Pieces A 120g pouch of our dark single origin chocolate making pieces, perfect for cooking and baking. Try our cold and hot chocolate drink recipes, or brownies, cookies and granola.

      For our dark chocolate slab, we have used a chocolate from an Ecuadorian 62% cocoa bean. This dark chocolate is mild, sweet and fruity providing the perfect backdrop to our summer topping.  We toasted pecans in a brown sugar to create a sweet praline. Each slab is covered with a generous blanket of pecan praline, blueberries and organic coconut pieces.

      500g Solid Bark (255mm * 155mm * 10mm)

      Dairy Free. Vegan Friendly.

      Ingredients - Dark chocolate (cacao kernel from organic cacao beans * (origin: Ecuador), sugar, cacao butter, cacao minimum 62%),  pecans, blueberries, coconut pieces, brown sugar, sea salt.

      For our milk chocolate slab, we have used a chocolate from an Ecuadorian 40% cocoa bean. This milk-chocolates surprise with its intense cocoa body and fruity flavours. The taste is very well-rounded with plenty of creaminess and pairs perfectly with pecans toasted in brown sugar to create a sweet praline. Each slab is covered with a generous blanket of pecan praline, blueberries and organic coconut piece.

      500g Solid Bark (255mm * 155mm * 10mm)

      Vegetarian Friendly

      Ingredients - 40% Milk Chocolate (sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, cacao kernel from cacao beans (origin: Ecuador), skimmed milk powder) (80%), cocoa solids 40.5% min, milk solids 20.8% min, pecans, blueberries, coconut pieces, brown sugar, sea salt.


      Cocoa From around the world. Creations from Ireland