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Hot Chocolate

We source the finest, rarest cocoa in the world and collaborate with Ireland's best producers, creators, and illustrators to make joyous, memorable chocolate. 

We create our hot chocolate in blocks and then grate them to make the perfect sized chocolate shavings. This ensures that the you get the silkiest smoothest tasting hot chocolate experience.

For the ultimate hot chocolate experience gift the milk frother that we use to make the hot chocolate that we serve in our shop at our factory in Wexford.  

Our hot chocolate only contains three ingredients and is vegan friendly - Cacao Beans | Cacao Butter | Raw Cane Sugar. It is free from cacao blends, lecithin, vanilla, cheap sugar, untraceable cacao butter, and all the rest you will find in other chocolates.

Our chocolate is sustainable and ethically sourced from the world's best and best paid cacao growers. Meet the growers Behind the Bean. Our chocolate is climate + and we proudly operate the one bar one tree policy. Our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. 

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