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Denise Nestor – A spring postcard of an Irish Hare

Bean and Goose Denise Nestor Dublin Easter illustration
Denise Nestor is a talented artist and illustrator from Dublin.

I recently completed a project on Irish folklore and mythology and in my research I had come across the symbolism of the hare with Easter. What’s most interesting about the association is that it is, for the most part, still a mystery as a lot of theories connecting the hare to the goddess Eostre have been debunked over the years. People used to think that the hare had an association with eggs because its young were born in a grass nest, like a bird’s nest. There was always a theory that hares could shape-shift into different forms and so the theory that it could lay eggs didn’t seem impossible. Either way the hare seems to have had an ancient connection to Spring and was the origin of what later became known as the ‘Easter Bunny’. The egg shape in the illustration is formed by some of the Spring-time ingredients Bean and Goose find in their garden and use in their recipes.