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Bloom Collection x 4 Bars


Bloom Collection

Spring has sprung and the sweet smell of budding blossoms are in the air which means at Bean and Goose it's time to celebrate the Irish landscape bouncing back to life.

4 bar mix of caramelised white, dark and milk chocolate presented in 'Bloom Collection' wrap.

Each collection ordered online will arrive gift wrapped, in letter box friendly packaging.

You can even include a handwritten note, just let us know what you wish to say at check out.

Irish Sea Salted Caramel - Limited Edition - Caramelised White Chocolate 35%

Creamy and Salty | Vegetarian Friendly

Umami - Ecuador 62%

Dark and Savoury | Vegan Friendly

Salty Almonds- Ecuador 40%

Milky and Nutty | Vegetarian Friendly

Spicy Hazelnuts- Ecuador 62%

Strong and Spicy | Vegetarian Friendly

280g (4 * 70g solid bars)

(Each bar 150mm * 75mm * 7mm)