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Campfire Hot Chocolate 500g


Tracked Shipping in Ireland | Made in Ireland | Orders include an Aran Quinn illustrated postcard 

Enjoy a toasty treat with our Campfire Hot Chocolate 500g. Add a special touch to your gift with our complimentary gift message – leave a handwritten card in the message box, or record a video message using the QR code. Enjoy Free shipping in Ireland with orders over €50.00

Campfire Hot Chocolate

1 * 500g Pouch

Experience the rich, dark flavour of Campfire Hot Chocolate. Our vegan, single bean blend comes in a 500g Eco-friendly pouch, with enough for 16 generous servings. Enjoy the authentic flavour, without any added lecithin.    

Made using the best dark chocolate, these chocolate shavings are the same recipe used every Saturday in our Dublin Market Stalls - Featured in "Top 5 Hot Chocolates in Dublin", Irish Independent.

Inspiration - Smoke

White Rabbit Bar & BBQ based in Cork City create a seriously good cold smoked Irish butter. It got us thinking - what would cold smoked chocolate taste like? We reached out to them and they loved the idea. They smoked our dark chocolate, they used a variety of woods and different lengths of smoking time until we all agreed on our favourite result.

Cold Smoked - 62% Ecuador

White Rabbit doubled-smoked the chocolate in cold smokers using apple wood (that has been made into sawdust to ensure an even consistent burn with minimal heat, allowing them to smoke things that otherwise world be temperature sensitive) each smoke took approx 6-8 hours. They then wrapped it and let it rest. Then it was over to our chocolatiers to turn it into hot chocolate .

This chocolate is reminiscent of campfires and 1980 nightclubs. Add a add a kick of heat by adding a dash of spicy rum or grating it onto a Cuban rum cocktail. 

What to make 

Dive into our recipe section for inspiration

Cocoa From around the world. Creations from Ireland

Vegan Friendly

Cacao kernel* (Ecuador) (47%), sugar, cacao butter, cocoa: 62% minimum, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt.

*Certified Organic