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Chocolate Goose


Enjoy an Elegant Easter

Spring has sprung and the sweet smell of budding blossoms are in the air which means at Bean and Goose it's time to celebrate the Irish landscape bouncing back to life.


Inspired by our namesake, a chocolate goose made with the finest single origin chocolate.

120g Hollow Figure 135mm * 120mm * 30mm

Milk Chocolate: Vegetarian Friendly

Milk Chocolate (Sugar, cacao butter, whole MILK powder, cacao kernel from cacao beans (origin Ecuador), skimmed MILK powder, cocoa solids 40.5% min, MILK solids 20.8% min.)

Dark Chocolate: Vegan Friendly

Dark Chocolate (Cacao kernel from cacao beans * (origin Ecuador), sugar, cacao butter, cocoa solids 62% min.) 

Illustrations @conornolan.net

This year, we asked Conor Nolan to create a series of illustrations inspired by Irish landscapes for our spring collection.

A rare visitor to these shores, the Bean Goose is not just the inspiration for our name, its everything that we love about the Irish landscape - silent, mysterious and always beautiful.

Made with the finest single origin chocolate this is our way of saying goodbye until next Autumn to a very dear friend.