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Riot of Spring Bundle

Riot of Spring Bundle


The ultimate Spring chocolate gift. One of each of our spring products and a craft chocolate box collection. The bundle contains one:

Milk Chocolate Hare

Dark Chocolate Hare

Milk Chocolate Egg

Dark Chocolate Egg

Irish Sea Salt, Cocoa Nibs and Ecuador 76%
Intense and Salty | Dairy & Soya Free. Vegan Friendly

Spiced Hazelnut, Honey and Ecuador 70%
Strong and Spicy | Dairy Free. Vegetarian Friendly

Roasted Almond, Irish Sea Salt and Arriba 39%
Fruit and Nutty | Vegetarian Friendly

Smoked Irish Sea Salt, Cocoa Nibs and Java 32.6%
Sweet and Smoky | Vegetarian Friendly

Illustrations @mrstevemccarthy

This year, we are collaborating with renowned illustrator Steve Mc Carthy. For our Easter scene, Steve has captured the energy of the Irish landscape springing back to life.  Our Hare can be seen rolling around the Irish hillsides, whilst the Bean Goose has been spotted in hatchy hedgerows and grassy marshes. All Easter orders will receive 2 of Steve's Easter scenes in print!