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Seasonal Joy Collection

Seasonal Joy Collection


Joy Collection

Perfect for happy gatherings. Explore perfect marriages of far flung flavour and Irish accents with the whole family.

A curated collection to satisfy every type of chocolate lover. 

4 bar mix of dark and milk chocolate wrapped in a Christmas scene.

Irish Sea Salt, Cocoa Nibs and Ecuador Dark Chocolate 76%
Intense and Salty | Dairy & Soya Free. Vegan Friendly.

Spiced Hazelnut, Honey and Ecuador Dark chocolate 70%
Strong and Spicy | Dairy Free. Vegetarian Friendly.

Roasted Almond, Irish Sea Salt and Arriba Milke Chcolate 39%
Fruit and Nutty | Vegetarian Friendly

Smoked Irish Sea Salt, Cocoa Nibs and Java Milk Chocolate 32.6%
Sweet and Smoky | Vegetarian Friendly

320g (4 * 80g solid bars)

(Each bar 150mm * 75mm * 8mm)