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EXTRA LARGE Seasonal Sharing Slab - Limited Edition


Presented in a Handmade Oak Box with a Brass Hammer

We created our 1.5kg single origin chocolate sharing slabs for group celebrations. This gift is perfect for grown up Halloween, family Christmas, New Year’s parties, team celebrations, wedding celebrations and much more. 

Each 1.5kg sharing slab of single origin chocolate, seasonal roasted nuts and fruits is handmade by a Bean and Goose chocolatier. The slab is lovingly wrapped in Irish linen sourced from local Wexford heritage brand, Emblem Weavers and presented in a box made from an aged and dried Irish oak, accompanied by a uniquely shaped brass and oak hammer.

Please note that this item is made to order so requires a 7 - 10 day lead time. This is a Limited Edition product which is likely to run out – so please order today to avoid disappointment!

Available in milk or dark single origin chocolate

MILK 1.5kg Solid Bark (380mm*255mm*10mm)

Ingredients - 40% Milk Chocolate (sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, cacao kernel from cacao beans (origin: Ecuador), skimmed milk powder) (80%), cocoa solids 40.5% min, milk solids 20.8% min, hazelnutsalmonds, cranberries, orange peel, honey, sea salt, winter spice mix.

DARK 1.5kg Solid Bark (380mm*255mm*10mm)

Ingredients - Dark chocolate (cacao kernel from organic cacao beans * (origin: Ecuador), sugar, cacao butter, cacao minimum 62%),  hazelnutsalmonds, cranberries, orange peel, honey, sea salt, winter spice mix.

Cocoa From around the world. Creations from Ireland