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Whiskey Pairing Evening

By 28/12/2016 Blog

Whiskey Pairing Evening

On 13th December we joined our friends at Teeling Whiskey for an evening of chocolate, whiskey and a very festive punch.

How to taste Chocolate and Whiskey together

Take the whiskey on the palette, moving it around the mouth for to let the flavours build.
Once swallowed, wait a few seconds before placing a very small piece of chocolate on the tongue. Allow the chocolate to melt slowly and experience the profiles of the Chocolate and Whiskey as they come together.
Towards the end of the melt, take a little of the whiskey back over the chocolate. This leads to greater intensity and often the development of some interesting and unexpected flavours.
Enjoy the finish as you normally would, only this time you will see some interesting variations in the profile of the whiskey.

Teeling Single Grain with Ecuador 76%

This couverture possesses a delicacy of aroma and offers a perfect harmony between fruity notes and hazelnut flavour. It pairs well with cocoa nibs and banana, sweet white wine and truffle and echoes perfectly the flavours of maple and hazelnuts.

Teeling Small Batch with Saint Domingue 70%

The bitterness of this chocolate is enhanced by fruity and wine-like notes, and is an ideal complement to the flavours of rum and pineapple, Earl Grey tea and mango, as well as cinnamon sesame and almond.

Teeling Single Malt with Roasted Spiced Hazelnuts & Wexford Honey 

This is a 70% cocoa dark chocolate with a very high cocoa content. Its mildness leaves plenty of space for a host of fruitiness and expressive aromas. We roast our hazelnuts in chipotle chili, smoked paprika and Wexford honey.