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The Perfect Way to Share Chocolate with Loved Ones.

A Bean and Goose Sharing Slab has become an iconic chocolate piece and a must on many wish lists.

Our concept was born from the heart of Dublin's food markets, where we shared conversations with our customers. We discovered that their evenings were often filled with sharing great food and would end in sharing a selection of Bean and Goose chocolate bars. We were inspired by this relaxed, communal approach to chocolate eating and looked to see how we could enhance it. Thus, the Sharing Slab was born - a beautiful chocolate piece designed to be cracked, broken and shared with those you love.

Until this year, our sharing slabs have always been single-origin chocolate topped with seasonal flavours—delicious fruits, crunchy toasted nuts and stunning, beautiful edible petals. This is where their beauty came from.

Now, with our innovative new landscape-sharing slab form, inspired by Ireland's rivers, estuaries, and lakes, we're introducing a new level of chocolate experience. This solid piece of chocolate is infused with flavour. Its beauty doesn't rely on traditional fruits, nuts, and petals but on the chocolate itself in its purest form. 

Sharing Slabs with Fruits, Nuts & Toppings.

Frosty Walks NEW ARTWORK by Anne O'Hara

Milk Chocolate topped with Hazelnuts and Almonds roasted in Irish Honey and Warm Spices with Cranberries and Orange.

Winter Nights NEW ARTWORK by Anne O'Hara

Dark Chocolate topped with hazelnuts and Almonds roasted in Irish Honey and Warm spices with Cranberries and Orange.

Breaking Light

Creamy, buttery White Chocolate with Zingy Raspberries, rose-infused Hazelnuts and edible Petals.

Evening Calm 

Dark Chocolate with Caramelised Hazelnut, Almond, Pistachio, Blueberry and Orange. Plus this sharing slab is Vegan-friendly. 

Morning Breeze

Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Hazelnut, Almond, Pistachio, Blueberry and Orange.

Pure Sharing Slabs with infused flavours

Crisp Woodland 

Dark Chocolate with Fresh, Crisp Mint. Plus this sharing slab is vegan-friendly.


Milk Chocolate with sweet, milky Coffee.

LIMITED EDITION for Spring 2024

Bean and Goose X Wildflour Bakery Hot Cross Bun 

Milk Chocolate with pieces of crunchy toasted Hot Cross Bun.

We will have all 8 Sharing Slab flavours available on our website for a limited time: our winter favourites, our summer flavours, and our new infused chocolate pieces. Make sure you don't miss out!

Karen & Natalie xx