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Bean and Goose & Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of Bean and Goose. To create our bars, we choose to partner with the ‘bean to bar’ organic producer Original Beans for our raw materials, a company who care as much as we do about the impact that our business has on the planet. Original Beans create the most beautiful couverture in the world in the most sustainable way.

By working with Original Beans, we pay above fair-trade prices that are stable and protected from market fluctuations to farmers. This security means that farmers can focus on growing the best quality cocoa while protecting the families and environment around them.

Because of company policy, Original Beans have noticeably improved the income of 6,731 families. They can report 0 incidents of child labour and instead the empowerment of hundreds of young farmers, including women. A one bar one tree policy is in operation, resulting in the planting of millions of trees to preserve rainforests, protecting the cocoa bean and our climate.

We are delighted to participate in a movement that replenishes what we consume and grows a fairer society.


Bean and Goose & Our Irish Suppliers

Since the beginning of our journey our flavours have been inspired by Ireland. One of our greatest pleasures has been working and building relationships with some of Irelands finest food and ingredient producers. We are committed to sourcing the best ingredients to create chocolate that tells our contemporary Irish story.

Some of the inspirational producers we currently work with include Tara Hill Honey, Connemara Organic Seaweed Company, Highbank Orchards, Oriel Sea Salt and Achill Island Sea Salt.

We never have and never will use palm oil in any of our products.


Beautiful Eco-friendly Packaging

We work with Irelands best designers and illustrators to create beautiful design for our packaging. Each piece is lovingly created to tell our story. We make sure that all of the materials we use to create our packaging is recyclable or compostable.

The mailing bags we use for our online deliveries are biodegradable.