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We are Karen and Natalie Keane, sisters and founders of Bean and Goose, based in the Wexford countryside, Ireland.

Our Story

We want to do things better. This is what guides us in everything we do and why we started Bean and Goose. 

We only have great memories of chocolate growing up.  

The joy of running to our local sweet shop to spend our pocket money. 

Our mum proudly gifting boxes at Christmas, on birthdays and everything in between.

But in the race to create more things cheaply something happened. Chocolate no longer tasted or felt special.

Over time we began to understand that the story behind the chocolate we were surrounded by was one of damage to our planet and to its people.

Gifting chocolate no longer said that you mattered.

Bean and Goose is here to change that. We exist to create better-tasting chocolate, to be a better-produced chocolate brand.

On our journey, we have discovered that there is better. There is amazing, sustainable raw ingredients and beautiful Irish products that we can tell our story with.

We are here to make joyful and thoughtful things happen with chocolate again.

This is the journey of Bean and Goose.

We are glad to have you with us.

Karen & Natalie xx

Traditional Techniques + Modern Chocolatiers

To be the best chocolate brand in Ireland we must create the best chocolate. 

That is why we spent our time learning our craft using the time-honoured technique of hand tempering chocolate on marble slabs.

A technique that demanded that we slowed down and be patient.

We spent the first 3 years hand tempering chocolate together in Karen’s kitchen at Last Tree Farm. They were long days of chocolate making and we loved it.

We used that traditional technique to create contemporary chocolate pieces using flavour and format to connect with who we are now.

We understand the power in collaboration to achieve a shared goal – ‘the whole is something besides the parts and we celebrate those collaborations.

We work with artists and illustrators to create artwork for our chocolate. People who bring to life the stories behind our flavours, artists that help us to tell the story of joyful Christmas moments or the beautiful Irish landscape.

We proudly partner with the finest Irish producers on ingredients and flavours that are rooted in excellence, craftsmanship and traditional techniques

Together we have grown Bean and Goose. 

We are a skilled and dedicated team making excellent chocolate, and sharing our story all with a common goal, to make the best chocolate in Ireland every single day.

Bean and Goose + the Future

We have a big vision and we execute it one day at a time. We put thought into everything we do, and this takes time. 

We only move forward when we can do so without compromise in the quality of our ingredients, the craftsmanship behind our products or the sustainable and ethical choices we make on our customer’s behalf.

We are carefully building a strong community, growing, and moving forward. We are replacing the old way of doing things with a more careful, thoughtful, and considered alternative.

Our priority is to do this well, not to do this quickly.

Bean and Goose + Ethical Sourcing

We understand the best way to change the future is to be a part of shaping the future. A brand for the future must be built with sustainability at its core. That is why we have chosen to partner with the organic couverture producer Original Beans for our raw materials, a company that cares as much as we do about the impact that our business has on the planet. Original Beans create the most beautiful couverture in the world in the most sustainable way. We work together to replenish what we take.