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We are Karen and Natalie Keane, sisters and founders of Bean and Goose, based in the Wexford countryside, Ireland.

Some of our earliest childhood memories involve chocolate. To us, chocolate signifies good times, memories of growing up, our family and our holidays back home in Wexford. We began making chocolate using the traditional technique of hand tempering on marble slabs. This process gave us a strong understanding of working with chocolate. You have to slow down, you have to be patient and you have to be persistent. 


Our Journey

Our journey began back in 2014 when we started making chocolate together at Last Tree Farm. We loved experimenting with different flavours and form, as we still do to this day. Gradually, we became a part of the street food scene in Dublin at the weekend, and our business organically grew from there. We used the city's food markets to test our new products, meet our early customers and gather our first stockists along the way.


Our Chocolate

Bean and Goose chocolate is made using the complex and rich flavours of single origin chocolate paired with flavours and ingredients that reflect and celebrate the Irish seasons. At Bean and Goose, we have a passion for using seasonal, natural ingredients as it makes sense to us to use what can grow in our gardens and can be foraged locally.

We are surrounded by countryside heavy with elderflower, lovage, gorse, and blackberries. We are constantly inspired by our herb garden full of lavender, mint, bay, fennel, rosemary and thyme. We have summer fruits and orchard trees growing nearby, and we have the pleasure of using edible flowers such as violas, marigolds, borage and scented roses. Our surroundings are our inspiration.


Our Location

Our family roots are in Wexford and our location at Last Tree Farm is integral to Bean and Goose chocolate. It informs our flavour combinations, the colours of our packaging, the products that we make and how we visually present our bars. We have grown from the early days of just the two of us making chocolate together to a team of makers who are spreading the story of our chocolate and growing the brand. We are passionate about the products that we create and are committed to bringing our customers the very best in Irish chocolate.