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The gift that keeps on giving


The Tasting Club is our way of letting you into the secret developments and products behind Bean and Goose. As a member of the Tasting Club, you will have exclusive access to limited-edition bars unavailable to the public. These bars are carefully crafted with unique and unexpected flavour combinations, making each delivery an exciting and one-of-a-kind experience.

 What do you receive?

Every month, you will receive a beautifully crafted package with an exclusive bar of chocolate, the story about that unique flavour combination and the inspiration behind that creation. 

The second bar is a flavour from our core range that pairs with it.

 As part of your subscription, you will receive secret access to buy extra exclusive flavours and discount codes for other Bean and Goose products.

 What flavours are coming up?

Over the next four months, we will collaborate with our favourite bakers & chefs for two new flavours and create a bar inspired by Karen's recent trip to Maderia.


We will be dehydrating, infusing, toasting, and topping with flavours such as,

Caramel and orange dust

Winter fruits, winter spices and port,

Almonds & Coconut

Tonka beans

and we will even be experimenting with the most delicious, freshly baked pastries.

.Why do we love the Tasting Club?

The Tasting Club has been around as long as there has been a Bean and Goose. It is core to our brand. It is where we will always experiment with flavours, ideas and seasons. It is what keeps us moving forward.

It is where all new product ideas begin and develop.

It is central to who we are.

 In the almost ten years of Bean and Goose, we have created over 100 unique flavours. Some have been exceptional (Toasted Soda Bread and Arroz Con Leche), some destined to be developed and taken into our core range; others limited edition because they are too complicated or not for the fainthearted (candied bacon & kale chips 😊), all of them are creative, exciting and the most fun delivery to receive every month.


Seeing your deliveries arriving and hearing how much you love them gives us such joy. 

Here's to another ten years of the Tasting Club.

Karen & Natalie xx 


3 Month Subscription to the Tasting Club from €50

6 month Subscription to The Tasting Club from €94

12 month Subscription to The Tasting Club from €175

 We can deliver a subscription to anywhere in the world. It makes the most delicious and thoughtful gift for those far from home.