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Our chocolate forms are not just shapes but a journey through the Irish landscape.

The bar forms, large and small, are based on the topography of Last Tree Farm and the origins of our chocolate.

The Islands are drops of chocolate based on the cliffs and islands of Ireland.

Seascape, the most challenging to create, uses the waters around Ireland to inform the shape of the piece. The movement and depth of the sea captured in chocolate.


The next form in our landscape series is the Sharing Slab. The concept for the sharing slab was based on the same principles as the topography bar and the islands.

This time, the inspiration is the rivers and estuaries of Ireland coupled with topography and small lakes. The main central river on the form gives way to estuaries, which allow the bar to be cracked, broken, and shared.

Why the landscape?

It's not just a design choice but part of our story. We inherited our love for the Irish landscape, particularly Wexford, from our dad. Despite growing up in London, our most cherished memories were made right here in Wexford, exploring its beaches, woods, villages, and towns. 

These forms are a collaboration with a long-standing friend of Bean and Goose, Ahmad Fakhry. Acky is a talented designer and the creative director of AB Projects and Note. We have worked with Acky since the beginning of Bean and Goose and he has created all our bar forms. 

Thank you, Acky, for bringing to life our connection with this beautiful landscape.

Karen and Natalie xx