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The story behind the Ibiza, Arroz Con Leche
& the July Tasting Club Bar

Travel inspires creativity. It is a needed break for rest and relaxation, a ‘break in routine’. It is the ‘break in routine’ that is so beneficial for creativity.

Staring out of a car window at a new landscape, tasting different foods, being immersed in the sound of new languages all broaden our thinking as unused neural networks in the brain fire and respond. 

In April we had the opportunity to travel together to Ibiza for 4 days. We did very little. We sat and enjoyed the warmth, swam and ate some of the best food we have ever eaten. 

We ate in the most amazing hidden gems that we only discovered through a young receptionist (& a passionate foodie) at our hotel. Thanks to him, the food in Ibiza was a revelation.

If you find yourself in beautiful Ibiza this summer seek them out...

For real Ibiza, arrive for an early lunch and join the queue for a very local experience in Bar Saint Joan

For late night tapas and wine Can Terra

Then make sure you go straight next door for the smoothest, silkiest cheesecake in the world La Gastroteca

For everything on the menu La Barrita

But especially this Arroz Con Leche ‘La Barrita’


This is their clever interpretation of Ibizan Rice Pudding and the inspiration for our July Tasting Club Bar. Coconut, Lemon & Cardamom with Puffed Rice. 

When we tasted these flavours together we had an ‘aha’ moment. This desert had to join the flavours in our Tasting Club line up. 

Our version is a creamy, sweet milk chocolate infused with lemon and topped with gently toasted coconut and fresh green cardamom. We have run puffed rice through the milk chocolate to create a bubbly bar with crunch. It is one of our best yet.


Thanks La Barrita :)