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Discover The Tasting Club - a chance to savour chocolate flavours crafted by top chefs in Ireland.

We knew we wanted to be different when we started Bean and Goose. Chocolate was a busy space with brands that had already become great at what they did. There was never going to be room to be the same. 

We chose to work with different suppliers and ingredients and to create different flavours and forms. That is why we began the tasting Club, to create new flavours and work with new ingredients every month.

To mark a decade of flavours with Bean and Goose, there will be some changes with The Tasting Club. Instead of creating a unique bar of chocolate each month from our imaginings, we are collaborating with some of our favourite chefs in Ireland to tell their stories and they will create their Bean and Goose chocolate bar to share with you.

Some of the fantastic talents we will have the pleasure of creating with will be,

Shannen Butler from Diva Boutique Bakery

Aisling Moore from Goldie

Jess Murphy from Kai Galway

Caitlin Ruth

Sharon Noonan 

Jordan Bailey

Anthony O'Toole

Each is an expert in their field. We will work together to create their dream bar of Bean and Goose Chocolate inspired by their favourite ingredients, childhood memories or favourite flavours.

The first in our Chef Series is Shannon Keane from Diva Boutique Bakery in Ballinspittle, Co Cork.

Bar 1

A Tasting Club Bar for May.

Bean and Goose X Diva Boutique Bakery

'The Sinner Bunz Bar'

Diva is an iconic spot in Cork. It is a small bakery where everything is made on-site every day, each item is perfect.

Shannen is the force behind Diva and is dedicated to the art and craft of butter, flour and vanilla. 

Shannen has perfected the cinnamon swirl, all buttery, crispy sweetness bursting with cinnamon flavours. Named the ‘sinner bunz’ by the Diva team, people drive for miles to get their hands on these.

May marks 22 years in business for Shannen and Diva, which makes this bar the perfect collaboration to begin the Chef Series with.

The Sinner Bunz Bar is our rich, creamy milk chocolate from Ecuador, 40% combined with the freshly baked cinnamon buns from the team at Diva. It's buttery, full of sweet cinnamon flavour, and contains delicious bites of Shannen's laminated pastry, an amazing bar not to be skipped!

We can't wait to see what will emerge from the Tasting Club in 2024. 

Sign up for the Tasting Club through the link provided. As a member, you will experience these chocolate creations, connect with other chocolate enthusiasts, share your feedback, and have an opportunity to suggest ideas for future bars.

3 Month Subscription to the Tasting Club from €50

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12 Month Subscription to the Tasting Club from €175

We can deliver a subscription to anywhere in the world.

Karen and Natalie