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Rich, sweet and creamy milk chocolate (40%) from Ecuador with crunchy, toasty Hot Cross Bun from Wildflour Bakery in Cork.

This delicious Hot Cross Bun crunch is created for us by Chris and his team at Wildflour Bakery in Cork. A bakery on a mission to create no nonsense, additive free, honest and wholesome breads and treats. Discover the irresistible flavors of our Hot Cross Bun crunch, lovingly crafted by Chris and the team at Wildflour Bakery in Cork - where delicious meets wholesome.


These Hot Cross Buns are baked full of flavour and spices. They are dried to create a crunchy texture and enveloped in our creamy milk chocolate. The resulting sharing slab is a spiced, fruity taste of spring. Indulge in the delicious combination of flavour and spices with these Hot Cross Buns. The unique crunchy texture and creamy milk chocolate make for a truly irresistible experience.

The form of this sharing slab is a continuation of our relationship with the Irish landscape. Created in collaboration with Ahmad Fakhry, this sharing slab beautifully captures the essence of the Irish landscape, showcasing the intricate topography of Last Tree Farm and the meandering rivers and estuaries of Ireland.


This is a very limited flavour so grab one while you can. 

This is perfect for breaking, cracking and sharing with those you love this Easter.

Karen and Natalie xx

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