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Islands were created to be impactful even when small in stature.

Taking the cliffs and islands of Ireland as the main inspiration and offering a goose-eye view of these forms.


Islands are 10g chocolate pieces that tell a story of the islands of Ireland in their flavour and form.

This Christmas, we will be using them to replenish our advent calendars.

Advent islands


Bring someone a little moment of joy every day this December.

We are a brand that has sustainability at its core. So it makes sense to refill a much-loved advent calendar rather than buy a new one.

Bean and Goose is built on traditional techniques and timeless beauty. The islands are beautiful chocolate pieces that are perfect in their form and flavour. 

Each Island is a celebration of paired back, perfect simplicity. Hard to achieve, but it is the thing that we love most. 

Each Island will arrive in an individual glassine envelope, hand-stamped with a number between 1-24. One Island for each day of advent.


Karen and I have had an advent calendar in our homes for years. This year we are excited to fill the little drawers and buckets of our calendars with these moments of joy.

Reusable advent calendars become heirlooms. They build memories. Unpacking Christmas boxes to unearth our much-loved advent calendar is an annual ritual.

Here are our favourite future heirloom advent calendars 

Industry & Co - Advent calendar - Christmas Star from Fern Living €79.00


Revamped - Wooden Advent Calendar - Preorder Item €26.95


And if you don't have an advent calendar to refill, scatter the glassine envelopes and Islands around your home. 


 A beautiful way to bring a little moment of joy to every day this December.


Islands are available in a mixed box of 4 Bean and Goose flavours

 Our classic Smoky Milk & Umami Dark (vegan)

 We have also created a Bean and Goose version of a Hazelnut Whirl in Milk & Dark chocolate. A single, whole roasted hazelnut buried within our sustainably sourced single-origin chocolate. 

 This flavour is a nod to our favourite childhood Christmas chocolate, the Hazelnut Whirl found in tins of Roses. It wouldn't be Christmas without them.

 If you have already ordered your islands, thank you. If not, there is still time. Find Advent Islands here.

 We would love to see these in your home, you can share an image with us via email at or send it to our WhatsApp app number 00353861857559, and we will share your pictures with the broader Bean and Goose community.

 Here's to a great Christmas,

Natalie & Karen xx