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For the small gesture

Sometimes it’s the smallest, gestures that are the sweetest.

Let them know that you were thinking of them and grab a bar of our limited edition Christmas flavour while it’s around.

Chunky Toffee Almond

Creamy, smooth milk chocolate Ecuador 40% topped with chunks and flakes of our homemade crunchy, toffee brittle and roasted almond nibs.

This bar was inspired by our childhood love of Daim Bars. 

It started life in our Tasting Club and was one of our most enjoyed bars this year and an easy choice to make it the Limited Edition Christmas flavour for 2023.

For thoughtful December moments

The most thoughtful gift this December is our Advent Islands. 

Give yourself or them the gift of beautiful Chocolate every day this December.

Islands are 10g bite-size pieces of Chocolate representing the cliffs and islands of Ireland. A birds eye view of our Islands.

They were designed by Ahmad Fakhry, our friend and creative genius behind the 3D forms of our chocolate.

Each form tells the story of landscape and our link to it.
Each Island is a celebration of paired back, perfect simplicity. 

Advent Islands arrive in a kraft box, each wrapped in a recyclable glassine envelope, hand-stamped with a Christmas snowflake: 24 Islands, one Island for each day of Advent.

It is a beautiful way to prepare for Christmas and bring a little moment of joy every day this December.

For special gatherings

You will need our most loved Christmas chocolate, our giant sharing slabs with Hammers of Joy to break, crack and share with those you love this winter. 

These beautiful pieces taste like Christmas and always deliver on that wow moment.

Our dad would marvel at the smells from our kitchen each winter as we roasted those almonds and hazelnuts in the most wintry of spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Just delicious. 

This year, we have the much-loved Frosty Mornings & Winter Nights and have added Breaking Light to the range.

Breaking Light

A buttery, creamy white chocolate from Ecuador 36% topped with zingy raspberries & roasted hazelnuts infused with delicate rose and scattered with edible petals.

Artwork by the incredible Anne O'Hara.

Everything we create is made from the words most sustainable and ethical chocolate.

The only way we know how.

Here is to a great Christmas,

Karen & Natalie xx