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Saturday workshop X Bean and Goose

This Easter sees the return of our most requested product, the filled Goose Egg. A chocolate egg the same size as a goose egg filled with our Irish sea salted caramel. It is delicious.

And if the goose eggs were making a return, they would be returning with their own custom egg cup from the fabulous Saturday Workshop.


It’s no secret that the designers & makers of Ireland inspire Bean and Goose. They inform our artwork and even our form. Saturday Workshop are both designers & makers. They are a Dublin-based company we have wanted to work with for some time. 

Saturday Workshop is father and daughter team Edward and Iseult O'Clery, they are based in a small workshop in Sandymount, Dublin. 


Like Bean and Goose, they mix traditional skills and new technologies to make simple yet beautiful & original products.  

They use locally sourced native hardwoods. Their combined skills in architecture, engineering, boat building and furniture have resulted in a range of products inspired by the simplicity of traditional objects and toys. 

 We met Isuelt many years ago and chatted about this project, a simple egg cup for this delicious chocolate goose egg. And here it is, the Egg Yolk Eggcup.


A Saturday Workshop X Bean and Goose eggcup that is beautiful in its simplicity, crafted by Iseult & Edward. 


Together, the goose egg & the eggcup are the perfect gift this Easter—The goose egg won't be around for long, but that Saturday Workshop eggcup will be with them forever, perfect for their morning hens’ egg or to hang out on their shelf. 

Thanks Edward & Iseult!

Karen & Natalie xx