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Anne O'Hara, illustrator and designer, shares her favourite moments and the inspiration behind the illustrations for our Easter and Spring collection.

Tell us about any special Easter moments that you have shared with family and friends that are particularly memorable?

More Spring than Easter really: A recent treasured Spring memory is when myself and two friends visited Japan at cherry blossom time a few years ago.

People picnic under the trees day and night for the short but magical few days while the trees are blossoming, it's beautiful. I love the fact that wherever you go in the world, there are Spring traditions and festivals, all celebrating light, rebirth, the abundance of nature.

'Especially For You' Gift Box Colour Palette

I saw a TV programme once about Nowruz, the Persian/Iranian New Year which takes place at the Spring Equinox, and it is a lot like our Easter, with painted eggs, spring flowers and sweet treats.

I think many people are looking back to pre Christian traditions, looking to honour the seasons and acknowledging our relationship to Mother Earth and her cycles.

Do you have a treasured moment that inspired you to become an illustrator in the first place?

l love books, stories, mythology... illustration is just another form of storytelling.

There was a series of Ladybird books when I was a child called The Garden Gang, written and illustrated by a 9 year old girl ... I remember envying her!

Milk Chocolate Irish Goose Colour Palette

 What was the main inspiration behind your illustrations for Bean and Goose Easter & Spring Collection?

The brief was to capture Ireland's landscape springing back to life; hills, hedgerows and coastline. I wanted to convey the joy we get from being immersed in nature, from walking to sea swimming.

During the pandemic, I started walking with my Dad every Friday on the local beach. It's our little Friday ritual. So I've put a man in an orange coat in one of the illustrations, that's my Dad!


Colour Palettes for 'Morning Breeze' and 'Evening Calm' Sharing Slabs
 I looked up Irish wildflowers and included sea asters and cowslips as small details within the illustrations (both of which are edible by the way!) And daffodils, the happiest flower!
The most enjoyable part of the project was trying out different colour palettes for the various packs. It's one of the most fun parts of the illustration process for me.

 What do you look forward to most about the arrival of spring & summer?

Daffodils and picnics! I don't want to be indoors once Spring arrives

Dark Chocolate Irish Goose Colour Palette

 Do you have any fond memories of chocolate?

When I was little we would visit my Grandmother in the beautiful Glens of Antrim for Easter. I remember me and my brothers rolling chocolate eggs down hills!

I used to cut and paint my Easter egg boxes and make little cardboard houses. So I am delighted to be involved in the Bean & Goose Easter packaging.

Anne's inspiration behind the packaging for our Dark Chocolate Irish Hare

Do you have a favourite Bean and Goose product?

The slabs - they're just a bit over the top which makes them a lovely present to give someone!


You can see more of Anne's wonderful work here


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