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We love Christmas. It is an important part of our year.

It is when we make time for each other, arranging overdue catch-ups, after-work drinks, delicious meals and gatherings with family, friends and colleagues. 

And if you're lucky, the great gatherings end with lousy dancing. The magic of Christmas is in these gatherings, large and small.

That is where our Chocolate comes in. We create Chocolate for all of these moments.

Hot Chocolate gatherings

We create the  richest, most delicious hot chocolate shavings for you to make exceptional hot Chocolate for friends. 

Choose from our signature flavours or our limited edition range; we love

62% Ecuador

A deliciously rich, dark hot chocolate made with our vegan, single-origin chocolate. 

62% Ecuador

Single-origin dark Chocolate infused with warm cinnamon, rich vanilla, and Irish sea salt for a delicious, warming, and gently spiced hot chocolate treat.

62% Ecuador

Dark single-origin chocolate shavings infused with single-estate Nicaraguan coffee and cardamom for an extra rich and warming taste. This Coffee and Cardamom Hot Chocolate is a vegan-friendly and lecithin-free alternative to your traditional cup of hot Chocolate.

Limited Edition Hot Chocolates available now

62% Ecuador

Enjoy a toasty treat with our Campfire Hot Chocolate.

White Rabbit from Cork doubled-smoked the Chocolate in cold smokers using apple wood. Each smoke took approx. 6-8 hours. They then wrapped it and let it rest. Then it was over to our chocolatiers to turn it into hot Chocolate.

This hot Chocolate is reminiscent of campfires and 1980s nightclubs. 

62% Ecuador 

A show-stopping combination of the finest dark Chocolate and the best peanut butter.

A rich, fudgy hot chocolate that blends bittersweet notes of 62% dark chocolate with creamy, salty peanut butter from Nutshed.

To make the best, frothiest hot chocolate, use the Dualit milk frother. Add 30g of chocolate shavings to 120g milk of your choice and let the Dualit do the rest.

For an extra special treat, Use a blow torch or heat gun to crisp and melt vanilla marshmallows; take a bite and plunge the remainder of this gooey treat into your hot Chocolate to sweeten.

Our Christmas illustrations for our gift packaging & postcards were designed by Illustrator Ashwin Chacko who captured those beautiful holiday moments we all look forward to.