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Not all chocolate is created equal.

🏆 Good Egg Score Card 2023 🏆

We started Bean and Goose to make joyous and thoughtful chocolate. To replace the old way of doing things with a more careful and considered approach.

For chocolate to be joyful and thoughtful, everyone along the chain has to win.

That is why we have always been committed to doing good, from sourcing our raw materials to the packaging we use and the Irish suppliers we choose to work with.

We are proud to say that Bean and Goose chocolate is made using the world's most sustainable chocolate. 

We work with Original Beans to source our couverture, a company that is as passionate as we are about ethical and sustainable choices. A company that is leading the chocolate industry away from exploitation to regeneration.

They work with cacao beans from the world's best and best-paid cacao growers. Their products are climate+, and they operate one bar, one tree policy. 

Together we are working towards regenerating what we consume.

Original Beans have been ranked the world's most sustainable chocolate producer this week by the independent #ChocolateScorecard2023. They have been awarded the "Good Egg 2023"

Original Beans is the only company with six green eggs in all six assessment categories. 

It means that we are achieving our goal of taking back the inherent joy in chocolate.

And it means that you can enjoy, share and gift the most beautiful & thoughtful chocolate around, safe in the knowledge that we are making the right choices on your behalf.

Very soon, we will bring Bean and Goose chocolate into every kitchen. So keep an eye on this space.

We should always dig deeper with any of these things; you can find out more here.

Here's to making the best chocolate in Ireland every single day.

Karen & Natalie xx

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