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Dark Chocolate Irish Hare


Dark Chocolate 

Irish Hare

Customer Information.

Our Irish Hare leave packed up securely for their journey to you. However we have noticed that if you order a single hare that some delivery people can treat them like a rugby ball & not the delicate chocolate hare that they are.

Spring has sprung and the sweet smell of budding blossoms are in the air which means at Bean and Goose it's time to celebrate the Irish landscape bouncing back to life.

Shipping from Monday 15th March. Order by end of day 22nd March to ensure delivery by Easter (Applies to Ireland and Northern Ireland only)

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From our workshop in Wexford, Ireland our products are made using sustainably sourced single origin Ecuadorian chocolate and inspired by the flavours, landscape, designers and makers of Ireland.

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This year, we asked Stasele Jakunskaite to create a series of illustrations inspired by Irish landscapes for our spring collection. 


A dark chocolate Irish hare a most handsome whimsical Irish hare made from the finest single origin chocolate.

We always celebrate Easter with our own indigenous bouncer, the elegant Irish Hare - Giorria Eireannach. 

A resident of our isle for over 5,000 years. Long associated with the deities of spring - the female spirits delivering new life across the land, from coastal dunes to mountain tops.


A most handsome whimsical Irish chocolate hare made with the finest single origin chocolate.

180g Hollow Figure 175mm * 175mm * 65mm

Dark Chocolate: Vegan Friendly

Dark Chocolate (Cacao kernel from cacao beans * (origin Ecuador), sugar, cacao butter, cocoa solids 62% min.) 


Cocoa From around the world. Creations from Ireland