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Cacao nibs are the meat of the cacao bean after it has been fermented, roasted and crushed but before it has been ground and refined or sugars added.

Cacao nibs are earthy, toasty, highly nutritious morsels that add an intense chocolate flavour and a delicate crunch to recipes.

Like chocolate, the origin will bring a unique flavour to the cacao nib. You can expect earthy notes, fruity flavours, acidity and even a flavour of caramel.

What can you do with them? 

Sprinkle them in smoothies

Top over porridge

Add them to your granola

Stir them through yogurt

You can add them to most chocolate desserts and baking. For example, try them worked through cookie dough or added to a sponge recipe. Add your cacao nibs to mellow desserts like bread pudding or brulee.

You can even use cacao nibs in savoury recipes. They work beautifully in a summer salad of fruits and balsamic vinegar. They make a great pairing partner to roast squash and pumpkin. Rub them on red meats to bring an earthy, toasty and nutty dimension. 

They will also pair beautifully with most herbs and spices, so feel free to add your favourite, fennel, rosemary and allspice. Grinding them will release their full flavour.

And, when combined with most nuts, they elevate their flavour.


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