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We have been making this Dark Chocolate Granola for years at Bean and Goose. A granola with the traditional base ingredients of Irish oats and nuts, but elevated in the final 10 mins of baking with Bean and Goose dark chocolate and fruit.

Our dark chocolate holds its shape while baking, the end result is a delicious crunchy granola with chunks of dark chocolate. 

We recommend using Irish Jumbo Oats as their robust nature allows them to stand up to the sticky baking process.

Feel free to substitute almonds and cranberries with your preferred alternatives or whatever you have to hand. 

We love toasted coconut but you can use seeds instead, pumpkin seeds would work well. 

It goes without saying to make sure you to use the best quality cocoa powder you can get your hands on - we do not produce cocoa powder, just cacao products.

You can swap out vegetable oil for another oil. However, we would advise to use maple syrup instead of other sweeteners as your granola is less likely to burn. 

Enjoy your Dark Chocolate Granola anytime of the day with your favourite milk,  dollop over fruit or yogurt, use as a desert topper or eat straight from the jar.


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