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White Chocolate Esmeraldas Ecuador 36%


White Chocolate Made with Original Beans

Esmeraldas Coast, Ecuador

Sweet Buttery

A rich, creamy white chocolate full of sweet buttery notes.

The daily mists and rains rising up from the Pacific to the Esmeraldas cacao forests cannot unsettle a sloth whose thick fur grows upwards for the perfect water run-off. Your purchase of Esmeraldas helps protect Ecuador’s last cloud forest and the sloth’s gentle way of life.

Vegetarian | Fair+ | Climate+ | Compostable

What to make 

Dive into our recipe section for inspiration

5 flavour combinations from our #beanlab kitchen

Blueberry | Lemon

Oriel Sea salt | Caramelised Cacao Nibs

Maple Syrup | Miso | Hazelnuts

Pistachio | Lavender | Marigold Petals

Miso Caramel | Sesame Seeds


Sugar, cacao butter, whole MILK powder, cocoa: 36% minimum

Nutritional Information

Energy: 2455kJ/590kcal

Fat: 41g -of which saturated: 25g

Carbohydrates: 46g -of which sugars: 40g

Protein: 7g

Salt: 0.03g