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Chocolate and Tahini Spread

A beautiful take on chocolate spread, rich dark chocolate offset with the savoury flavours of tahini.
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Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Jam Oats

This is as classic as it gets. Break through a chocolate and peanut butter shell to indulge in fruity and creamy peanut butter overnight oats. 
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Chocolate, Strawberry and Toasted Almond Oats

A selection of chocolate shell oat recipes wouldn't be the same without a Chocolate and Wexford Strawberry recipe.
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Double Chocolate, Banana, Tahini and Oats

If you are need in of some sweet and wholesome breakfast inspiration then this is the recipe for you.
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Sparkling Iced Chocolate (Egg Cream)

This sparkling, iced drink is the most thirst-quenching and refreshing of our cold chocolate drink recipes.
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Frozen Hot Chocolate

A simple recipe with only two ingredients. The trick is to ensure they are great ingredients, Bean and Goose dark chocolate and milk of your choice - we use oat milk for our chocolate drinks.
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Chocolate Overnight Oats

We make this in a large batch to last 4-5 days. This is our favourite go to oat bowl combination. It takes 5 minutes to assemble once you have the ingredients in your fridge.
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Dark Chocolate Granola

We have been making this Dark Chocolate Granola for years at Bean and Goose. A granola with the traditional base ingredients of Irish oats and nuts, but elevated in the final 10 mins of baking with Bean and Goose dark chocolate.
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