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Dark Chocolate Esmeraldas Ecuador 62%


Dark Chocolate Made with Original Beans

Esmeraldas Coast, Ecuador

Sweet, Nutty

Our dark chocolate. We use it across our entire range. It is sweet with a rich traditional cocoa flavour and the most versatile pairing chocolate we have ever worked with.

The daily mists and rains rising up from the Pacific to the Esmeraldas cacao forests cannot unsettle a sloth whose thick fur grows upwards for the perfect water run-off. Your purchase of Esmeraldas helps protect Ecuador’s last cloud forest and the sloth’s gentle way of life.

Vegan | Fair+ | Climate+ | Compostable

What to make 

Dive into our recipe section for inspiration

5 flavour combinations from our #beanlab kitchen

Port | Plum | Almonds | Tonka Beans

Pineapple | Ginger | Rum | Szechuan Pepper

Pistachio | Honey | Bee Pollen | Cacao Nibs

Cherry | Salted Almonds | Highbank Orchards Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Figs | Red Wine | Star Anise | Orange


Cacao kernel* (Ecuador) (47%), sugar, cacao butter, cocoa: 62% minimum

*Certified Organic

Nutritional Information

Energy: 2394kJ/572kcal

Fat: 42g -of which saturated: 26g

Carbohydrates: 39g -of which sugars: 34g

Protein: 6g

Salt: 0.03g