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Coffee Pairing Bundle


Tracked Shipping in Ireland | Made in Ireland | Orders include an Aran Quinn illustrated postcard  

This Coffee Pairing Bundle is the perfect gift for the coffee aficionado. Add a personalised touch with a complimentary gift message, or video message. Plus, spend €50.00 and get free shipping in Ireland. 

Coffee Pairing Bundle

This Coffee Pairing Bundle offers the perfect present for coffee lovers. 

 Zesty Cardamom & Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark Vegan | Single Bean | No Lecithin

1 * 70g Solid Chocolate Bar

(follow link for ingredient & allergen information)

Escape the ordinary and explore the new. Inspired by travel, this bar is bursting with aromatic coffee and punchy cardamom. Satisfy the wanderlust in you.

Experience the unique flavor combination of dark vegan chocolate from Ecuador and single bean coffee with cardamom in this 70g solid bar. Enjoy the bright and citrusy flavor and aroma of coffee and cardamom enveloped in dark chocolate for an unforgettable sensory experience. Perfect for coffee lovers. 

Soma Coffee Company - Specialty Coffee Roasters from Cork


250g Pouch of Coffee (Whole Bean or Fine Grind)

This coffee was produced by Andalício Donizetti Rinco and his family in the Southern region of the popular coffee producing province of Minas. The family are a huge part of the local coffee community and are familiar faces at all the local events (in fact, a daughter of the family was elected Miss Coffee in 2020). When it comes to producing coffee, they try to focus on producing a product that represents the terroir and the variety of coffee growing. Icatu is known for being a rich and full-bodied coffee, and they really brought these flavours home in this crop. 

 It has a flavor profile of chocolate, hazelnut, and apricot. But there is also another flavour present, and it's a flavour that works perfectly in a coffee like this, coconut. As you can imagine, this coffee is an absolute treat on espresso and with milk, but unique enough to warrant experimenting with all brew methods.

   Cocoa From around the world. Creations from Ireland