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Comfy Bundle

Comfy Bundle


FREE Tracked Shipping in Ireland | Made in Ireland | Orders include an Aran Quinn Illustrated postcard 

 Add a complimentary gift message and a handwritten card. You can even take it one step further and record a video message with a QR code dispatched with your gift. Enjoy free tracked shipping with your order.

Comfy Bundle

Delight someone special with our Comfy Bundle 

Sharing Slab - Evening Calm or Morning Breeze

1 * 500g Dark Slab or 1 * 500g Milk Slab

 Our Sharing Slab of Dark or Milk Chocolate - Evening Calm or Morning Breeze the perfect addition to any gathering or special occasion. Its sustainable single origin chocolate from Ecuador is topped with crunchy caramelised nuts and seasonal fruit. A perfect slab for breaking, cracking and sharing with your loved ones.

1 * Hammer

 Introducing the Hammer of Joy - the perfect go-to-tool for your seasonal sharing slabs. Handcrafted in Wexford, this sturdy oak hammer is perfect for breaking, cracking, and spreading the joy with friends and family.

3 * 70g Bars Chocolate

This gift box includes three 70g solid bars of our unique flavor combinations - Milk Smoky Sea Salt, Milk Salty Almonds, and Dark Umami Seaweed. Make a lasting impression and get exploring with our Weekend Wander Collection.

1 * 120g Pouch & Recipe

Indulge in a cup of Bean and Goose's classic hot chocolate made with dark, vegan, single-bean chocolate, and no lecithin. This sustainable and ethical chocolate comes in a 120g resealable pouch with a recipe, enough to make four generous portions - perfect for cozy evenings at home.

Anna O'Hara created a series of illustrations inspired by Irish landscapes for our collections.

       Cocoa From around the world. Creations from Ireland