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Seasonal Readings

Hot Chocolate and Winter Rituals

Hot chocolate is a winter ritual that we are happy to partake in. We are on a quest to make Bean and Goose hot chocolate the best you will ever taste. 
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Christmas Traditions

Our childhood Christmases were spent in Ireland. Our mum and dad would pack up the car and travel to Fishguard. We would join the queues of people waiting to board the boat that would bring them home for Christmas.
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Diary of 100 bars and 9 years of our chocolate subscription club

Karen has a childhood memory of us sitting in the back of our Grandad's car, tearing open the gold foil of a Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate bar and biting into the sweet, creamy chocolate
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Islands were created to be impactful even when small in stature. Taking the cliffs and islands of Ireland as the main inspiration and offering a goose-eye view of these forms.
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Ibiza Edition

Travel inspires creativity. It is a needed break for rest and relaxation, a ‘break in routine’. It is the ‘break in routine’ that is so beneficial for creativity.
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Cafe Bars

NEW They are HERE! The bars that have been thoughtfully and carefully developed to pair perfectly with coffee.
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Sharing Moments: Creating our Easter and Spring collection

Anne O'Hara, illustrator and designer, shares her favourite moments and the inspiration behind the illustrations for our Easter and Spring collection.
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International Women's Day

Celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women. Bean and Goose is about replacing the old way of doing things with a more careful, thoughtful and considered alternative.
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Bean and Goose's Favourite Valentine's Movies

Romantic movies are the ultimate way to give us those good feelings like hope and trust that things will work out just fine in the end.
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Books About Love for Valentines

We have always loved stories and books. We grew up in a family of storytellers, our dad would share fantastical stories of fairies and magic.
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